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Lube-Shuttle® Canada

Bechem® Beruplex® KS 22 High Performance Grease - Case of 12

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Bechem® is the oldest German industrial lubricant manufacturer, with a specialty in OEM-approved lubricants.  

Beruplex KS 22 is a high performance lubricating grease for reducing friction and wear at high temperatures and humidity.  It is also an OEM-approved boom grease for low load Telescopic Crane Booms.  It comes in a standard 400g (14oz) Lube-Shuttle® cartridge and works with the all Mato® Lube-Shuttle Grease Guns.

KS 22 is used in centralized lubrication systems in the construction, mining and paper industries due to its good pumpability.

Application examples include:

  • Plain and roller bearings
  • Working rolls in hot rolling mills
  • Paper mills
  • Sintering plant mechanisms
  • Hot clinker conveyors and other transportation systems under the influence of high temperatures and/or humidity
  • Construction and mining machinery
  • Low load telescopic crane booms (paired with Mato® LubeJET Eco Spray Greaser

For high load crane use, substitute with Berulub PAL 1.

KS 22 has the following properties:

  • Wide service temperature range
  • Good water resistance and adhesion
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Good wear protection
  • Very good pumpability in central lubricating systems
  • Good sealing properties

In addition to Lube-Shuttle® cartridges, KS 22 can be purchased in a 10 kg bucket, 25 kg pail, and 180 kg drum.  Email us for pricing and availability. 

For mobile spraying from a pail, keg or drum, we sell the Mato® LubeJet PneuMATO-55 or users can fill empty Lube-Shuttle® cartridges using a manual pail pump.

Base Oil:  Mineral oil
Thickener:  Special calcium complex soap
NLGI Class:  2 (1 also available)
Base Oil Viscosity:  160 mm2/s @ 40C, 13 mm2/s @ 100C
Service temperature range:  -30C to +150C

Bechem® makes over 100 specialty lubricant products, many in the Lube-Shuttle® threaded-cartridge format.  Other lubricants include those for:  wire rope, open gears, chains & hoists, crawler tracks, dry anti-friction sprays, heavy-duty greases and numerous other applications.  Email us to be connected with a Bechem® lubricant specialist in Canada for a free consultation.