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Lube-Shuttle® Canada

Bechem® Berulub® PAL 1 Crane Boom Grease - Case of 12

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Bechem® is the oldest German industrial lubricant manufacturer, with a specialty in OEM-approved lubricants.  

Berulub PAL 1 is an OEM-approved boom grease specifically for Telescopic Crane Booms.  It comes in a standard 400g (14oz) Lube-Shuttle® cartridge and works with the Mato® LubeJet ECO Spray Greaser.

The advantages of this system include:

  • Clean and precise application, resulting in up to 50% less grease consumption than manual application, and no drips, globs or leaking
  • Significantly less time to perform boom grease maintenance - up to 4x increase in productivity
  • Longer service life - up to 5x more telescopic cycles than competitor products
  • UV and weather resistance
  • Lowest friction values

PAL 1 is used extensively in the crane market and has been the benchmark for over 25 years.  It is fully synthetic and best for telescopic crane booms on mobile cranes, low temperatures, extended re-lubrication intervals, and situations requiring stick-slip prevention, excellent adhesion and foreign substance resistance.  

For low load crane use, substitute with Beruplex KS-22.

In addition to Lube-Shuttle® cartridges, PAL 1 can be purchased in a 10 kg bucket, 25 kg pail, and 180 kg drum.  Email us for pricing and availability. 

For mobile spraying from a pail, keg or drum, we sell the Mato® LubeJet PneuMATO-55 or users can fill empty Lube-Shuttle® cartridges using a manual pail pump.

Base Oil:  Ester
Thickener:  Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE)
NLGI Class:  1
Base Oil Viscosity:  2200 mm2/s @ 40C, 180 mm2/s @ 100C
Service temperature range:  -40C to +150C

Consumption guidelines (customer must verify):  7-10g / linear ft. (sm/med), 12-25g / ft (lg), 2-4x annually.  Rectangle booms - approx. 1/2 cartridge/section; round booms - approx. 1 cartridge/section.

Bechem® makes over 100 specialty lubricant products, many in the Lube-Shuttle® threaded-cartridge format.  Other lubricants include those for:  wire rope, open gears, chains & hoists, crawler tracks, dry anti-friction sprays, heavy-duty greases and numerous other applications.  Email us to be connected with a Bechem® lubricant specialist in Canada for a free consultation.