We recognize that Lube-Shuttle® may be an unfamiliar format for many people in Canada.  Here are our most frequently asked questions.  If you'd like to talk further about your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Where can I buy Lube-Shuttle® cartridges?

Lube-Shuttle® is one of the most common greasing formats in the world.  In fact, it's mostly only in North America that we are still using the traditional double-open-ended cardboard grease tube, a situation that is changing rapidly.

Tens of millions of Lube-Shuttle® cartridges are shipped every month globally.  All major lubricant manufacturers produce Lube-Shuttle® cartridges and they're marketed by them.  This includes Shell (Gadus), Total, Mobil, Deere, and virtually every other oil company and equipment OEM.

In Canada, these cartridges are mostly sold wholesale to large industrial users and may need to be special-ordered by retail customers.  They can be hard to find and aren't sold in retail stores like Canadian Tire

That's why we've done the work for you. At Lube-Shuttle® Canada we inventory large quantities of the major types of grease ordered by customers.  We sell direct to retail customers, which keeps prices competitive and we have an educated salesforce to help you out.  

So in short...  Where can you buy Lube-Shuttle® cartridges?  Anywhere there's a computer.  Just order online at our website or at Amazon and we'll ship it to you within 24 hours.

Is Lube-Shuttle® more expensive?

No.  Lubricants are sold in all kinds of formulations so prices vary.  But you'll find that comparable greases are the same price or less in Lube-Shuttle® cartridges because the company is involved in the grease production process right back to the refinery level and sells direct to consumers.

Also, you'll waste less.  On average, users will waste at least 1 in 10 grease cartridges due to issues with their grease gun.  Traditional grease guns also leave behind 10-15% of the grease in the tube when "empty" but Lube-Shuttle® cartridges use 99% of the grease in the tube.
Just switching to Lube-Shuttle® may save you 10-20% on grease consumption.

Will a Lube-Shuttle® tube work in my grease gun?

No.  Traditional grease guns, whether manual, DC/electric, or pneumatic, use an old design involving a spring and plunger.  They 'push' the grease through the gun.  
Lube-Shuttle® cartridges are threaded at the top.  This connects to a precisely engineered vacuum head that 'sucks' the grease out of the cartridge.

Have a DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, or Alemite electric grease gun?  No problem.  If you buy a new DC grease gun from Lube-Shuttle® we'll give you a $100 rebate for every grease gun you send to us.  Any condition, no batteries required.

Will my batteries work with the Lube-Shuttle® DC grease gun?

No. You can put those back to use on some of your other equipment.  A Lube-Shuttle® DC grease gun will ship with its own batteries (2), an AC charger, DC charger, and hard carrying case.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes.  All Lube-Shuttle® greases are sold in pails, kegs, and barrels.  Use the contact form to get in touch with us so we can talk about your needs.  

Lube-Shuttle® grease cartridges can be re-used on average 6-7 times. 

We sell refilling pumps, adapters and empty cartridges.

Do I need Lube-Shuttle® if I have auto-greasers?

Yes, we can help. We can supply all the grease that you're using for your auto-greasers at competitive prices.  Send us a note through contact form so we can connect with you.

Lube-Shuttle® cartridges come in the threaded design used by most auto-greasers.  If yours is a reservoir type, Lube-Shuttle® grease can be used in a caulking gun style dispenser to quickly fill them.

Do you sell chisel paste?  Food grade?  Winter grade?

Yes.  There are over 40 types of grease and chisel paste sold in Lube-Shuttle® cartridges.  We also fill cartridges with specialty products for OEMs and industrial users.  Contact us directly to find out more.  We have what you need.

What kind of grease do I need?

All Lube-Shuttle® greases are premium products made to comply with OEM lubricant specifications.  On the Greases page, you can find out more about the top 5 selling types of grease as well as our 2% copper flake chisel paste for hydraulic hammers.
If you need any further assistance deciding which grease is for you, contact us directly.  We provide free grease consultations.

Do you have demo kits?  Can I try before I buy?

Yes.  Commercial and industrial users - typically with 25 power units or more, and using 100 or more cartridges of grease a year - can get a demo kit.
This is a 'one of everything' kit.  You pay a deposit on the equipment that is fully refundable if you decide not to keep it.  We include a free case of grease.  Contact us directly to arrange a demo kit.

Will Lube-Shuttle® products last?  Are they well made?

Yes.  All Lube-Shuttle® products are made in Germany by Mato.  They are sold and shipped from Canada, duty paid.  

All couplers are made with high quality hardened steel, built to last.  Hoses are made with high burst pressures in an abrasion and kink-resistant format.  Grease gun heads are forged steel and all metal parts are zinc plated.