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How to Select the RIGHT Grease Gun for Your Needs

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Different Types of Grease Guns

How To Select The Right Grease Gun

Selecting the best grease gun for your project, shop, vehicle or machine is crucial to how well the equipment will perform. Without the right grease gun, your machinery risks being damaged or not working its best.

Grease guns come in 2 main types - those that inject grease through a grease fitting (aka Zerk), and those that spray or spread grease on a piston or plate.  If you're operating equipment that needs a spray greaser, chances are you know exactly what you need.  

A key thing to understand is how much grease you will use (or how often you will perform this activity).  This will influence whether a pistol grip, lever grip or electric grease gun will be the best for you. Operating a pistol grip grease gun over long periods of time can be tiring.  A lever grip gun requires two hands.  An electric grease gun is expensive, but most companies and heavy equipment operators wouldn't be caught without them.  Farmers too.

Lastly - extreme pressure inside a grease fitting may dictate your choice.  


Types of Grease Guns

Pistol Grip Grease Gun (One hand)

The Lube-Shuttle® one hand pistol grip grease gun is a favorite among hobby farmers, homeowners, RV, boat and recreational equipment owners, and small businesses where light greasing is required.  The main benefit of the pistol grip grease gun is ease of ease.   The user can operate the grease gun with one hand while holding the coupler or hose with the other hand. 

Considerations:  When a lot of greasing is required single hand grease guns can be tiring for the hand that is pumping the grease gun. For this reason, pistol grip grease guns are best suited for people who do routine maintenance or only have a few fittings to grease at a time.

Specifications: Zinc Coated for maximum protection. Generates over 4,000 PSI. Made in Germany.

Applications:  Farms, Hobby Farms, Lawnmowers, Travel Trailers, RVs, Boat Trailers. Great for Compact Tractor and Lawnmower owners!

 Lube Shuttle One Hand Grease Gun

Lever Grip Grease Gun

The Lube-Shuttle® lever grip grease gun is primarily used in the construction industry and other industries where a high pressure grease gun is required. The long handle allows for maximum pressure while not requiring a lot of force on the handle. This high pressure grease gun is ideal for applications where a lot of greasing is required or the grease is under a high pressure. The long lever allows the user to use a full arm motion to pump grease, making it easier on hand and arm muscles when greasing.  Heavy equipment mechanics - even those with an electric grease gun - often use a lever grip grease gun for re-setting tracks on excavators and compact track loaders.

Considerations:  Lever handle grease guns require a rigid pipe or locking grease coupler as two hands are required to use this style of grease gun.

Specifications: Zinc Coated for maximum protection. Generates over 11,000 PSI. Made in Germany.

Applications: Construction and mining companies for greasing loaders, bulldozers, backhoes and other industrial machines. Farmers with lots of machinery to grease.

The Lever Handle Grease gun is great for users who struggle with hand strength due to age, arthritis, or disabilities.   In this situation be sure to use a lever handle grease gun in combination with a SafeLOCK grease coupler.


Lever Handle Grease Gun

18V Electric Grease Gun

The Lube-Shuttle® 18volt Electric Grease Gun takes all the work out of greasing — Couple onto the Zerk and pull the trigger.  Using a powerful 18V Lithium battery these grease guns are able to pump 7 to 10 tubes of grease per each charge!  Ideal for those who do a lot of greasing or are just looking for the easiest greasing option on the market.  If you own equipment but rely on operators to do the greasing, give them this grease gun.  The job will get done.

Considerations.  Cost.  Electric grease guns cost more, however, these grease guns are built to last and are the best option when a lot of greasing is involved or when looking for the easiest way to grease. A business case can easily be made to purchase this gun when consideration is given to (a) how much more greasing actually gets done; (b) how much less time is spent greasing; (c) how more effective the greasing is; and (d) how much less cost for wages, repairs, and revenue lost to downtime.

Specifications:  Zinc Coated for maximum protection.  Generates over 10,000 PSI.  Made in Germany.

Applications:  Mines and Construction, Farms, Heavy Equipment Operators, Trucking Companies, Hobby Farms, Trailers, RVs, Boat Trailers.  

 18v Electric Grease Gun

Pneumatic Spray Grease Gun

The Lube-Shuttle® LubeJET-Eco is a highly specialized pneumatic grease gun that is able to spray grease in a variety of patterns, eliminating the need for aerosol lubricant cans. The LubeJET is perfect for greasing crane booms, jib ways, and slide ways so you do not need to apply grease with a brush, roller or by hand. Simply spray it on and get uniform coverage!

Considerations.   Not for use on Zerk fittings.  The LubeJET-Eco is designed for spraying grease, not pumping it into Zerk fittings.

Specifications:  Zinc Coated for maximum protection.  Stainless steel spray components.  Made in Germany

Applications:  Greasing crane booms, extending lifts, slide ways, and jibs

Lube Shuttle Pneumatic Spray Grease Gun