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All Starter Kits 10% off & Ship Free

Starter Kits

Save on Master Packs

Master Packs of grease (50) are 20% off the individual price.
Master Packs of grease guns (12) are 15% off the individual price.
Ships free anywhere in Canada.

  • Individual / Small-Medium Business

    Low volume grease user.

    1-10 pieces of equipment.

    You do the greasing.

    That's me 
  • Commercial / Industrial / Manufacturing / Gov't

    Large volume grease user.

    Lots of equipment.

    Employees do the greasing.

    That's me 
  • Equipment OEM / Dealer / Service Co.

    You make equipment.

    You sell equipment.

    You service equipment.

    That's me 
  • Industrial Supply Co. / Grease OEM or Retailer

    You sell industrial supplies.

    Manufacturer's sales rep.

    Lubricants OEM or retailer.

    That's me 
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