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Lube-Shuttle® Canada

BOAT / MARINE Lube-Shuttle® Starter Kit

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Both our standard and deluxe versions of the Boat/Marine Lube-Shuttle® Starter Kits include AirTec® SG-145 SeaGuard® grease cartridges - an extremely tacky marine grease. 

Boats and boat trailers don't need a ton of grease but what they do need is incredibly important.  Failures are costly.  And avoidable. 

The deluxe version of the marine kit adds accessories that boat owners buy most often.  

Standard Package Includes:

Deluxe Package Adds:

When purchased as a kit, components are priced at approximately a 10% discount from the individual retail prices.

For full product details on individual components of these kits, consult the product listing for the item.