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Lube-Shuttle® Manual Bulk Grease Lever Pump

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The perfect way to bulk dispense grease from pails, kegs and drums.

The Pump can be used to fill standard grease guns that use a filler nozzle, can be used with a hose to fill the reservoir in auto-greasers/auto-lubers/progressive lubrication systems, or can be used with the Lube-Shuttle® refill adapter to refill empty Lube-Shuttle® grease cartridges.

The hand-operated lever Pump takes 5-6 pumps (about 20 seconds) to fill a grease cartridge. 

The most common uses of the Pump are to refill auto-greaser reservoirs and to put grease in empty Lube-Shuttle® cartridges that isn't sold in that format (e.g. NLGI 00 grease). 

Empty Lube-Shuttle® cartridges can be refilled on average 6 times until the follower-plate wears out.  Users experience lower cost and less waste.  

This product includes 1 lever-handle suction pump with lid and 1 rubber-edged follower plate.  Adapter and empty cartridges sold separately.

Bulk pricing available (pallet level and up). 

Allow up to 14 calendar days for delivery for orders of more than 1.