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Lube-Shuttle® Canada

Lube Shuttle® SafeLOCK No Mess Long Reach Locking Grease Coupler

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Lube Shuttle® SafeLOCK locking grease coupler - extra length for long reach situations like a PTO shaft or where the grease fitting is recessed behind another piece of equipment or only accessible through a hole in some metal plate.  Especially common on farming and construction/heavy equipment.

M10x1 (metric) thread specifically designed for the Lube Shuttle® system.

Unlocks under pressures as high as 600 Bar (over 8,700 psi). Hardened steel 4-jaw locking coupler, high-performance hydraulic gasket, integrated rear swivel. No spurt/mess when uncoupling.

Useful in any greasing situation to reduce effort, frustration and mess.  Especially for hard-to-reach fittings where keeping a regular coupler straight and attached would be difficult. 

Genuine Mato product made in Germany.

Will work with non-metric threaded grease gun hoses common on other brands of manual grease guns as well as battery-operated grease guns from DeWalt and Alemite provided you purchase the 1/8" NPT (F) to M10x1 (M) adapter.  For Milwaukee DC grease gun users - refer to your manual.  Milwaukee has at times used M10 threads and at other times used 1/8" NPT.  To avoid disappointment, order the adapter.