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Lube-Shuttle® Canada

FARM / AGRICULTURE Lube-Shuttle® Starter Kit

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Farmers know their grease and greasing equipment.  This kit will start you off on the Lube-Shuttle® system with the tools and grease you need for most applications.  Add on separate grease orders for specific equipment requirements, and additional grease guns and accessories so you always have what you need, where you need it.

This includes everything needed in a variety of the most common greasing scenarios for farming operations.  Note that we've included the lever grip grease gun in this kit that's great for:

  • Tractors & loaders
  • Cutters, shredders & harvesting equipment
  • Planting & seeding equipment
  • Tillage equipment
  • Utility vehicles

Standard Package Includes:

  • Lube-Shuttle® One Hand Grease Gun (Lever Grip)
  • SafeLOCK Locking Grease Coupler - Standard Length
  • 20" (500 mm) High Pressure Nylon Hose, Multiple Braid, 14,450 psi/1,000 bar Burst Pressure with 4JAW Hydraulic Coupler
  • Additional 40" (1 m) Hydraulic Hose w/4JAW Coupler
  • 10 Cartridges of AirTec® MoS2 Moly Grease

Deluxe Package Adds:

  • 90-Degree Grease Coupler
  • Grease Gun Holder
  • 6" Rigid Steel Connector Pipe with 4JAW Coupler
  • Upgrade to 10 Cartridges of AirTec® Li400 Micro-Ceramic Grease

Note to farmers:  Some equipment with sealed-for-life bearings, electric motors or motors that must operate at a specific temperature for long periods of time may require a Polyurea grease.  Check manufacturer's specifications.

When purchased as a kit, components are priced at approximately a 10% discount from the individual retail prices.

For full product details on individual components of these kits, consult the product listing for the item.