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Lube-Shuttle® Canada

AirTec® SeaGuard BIO Biodegradable Marine Grease for Environmentally Sensitive Areas

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SG-145 SeaGuard® BIO by AirTec® for Lube-Shuttle® is a biodegradable high-performance grease.

SeaGuard® BIO has a calcium soap base, readily biodegradable ester base oil, and carefully selected additives.  It combines mechanical stability with excellent adhesion to metal surfaces and resistance to harsh wet and corrosive environments including constant immersion in seawater.  

It is fully formulated to provide not only corrosion protection, but also anti-wear and heavy load carrying capacity even when operating in the most severe maritime conditions.


SeaGuard® BIO is designed to be used on a wide range of maritime applications such as aqua-culture/farming, barges, cranes, winches, submerged drives and bearings, chains, boats, trailers, and wire ropes.  

It is also suited for use in environmentally sensitive areas inland on applications such as in farming and construction or at water treatment plants, dams, docks, etc.

  • Designed for use in any environmentally sensitive area
  • Excellent saltwater resistance
  • Exceptional durability, even when submerged in salt water for extended periods
  • Long term corrosion protection, even under heavy loading
  • Rated for heavy loading and high shock loading

SeaGuard® is not only a marine-rated grease, but it is also rated for high pressure and high temperature applications.   This extremely tacky grease will stay put in all conditions and will not separate, drip, or drop off!

While many of the AirTec® greases feature enhanced stability in marine applications SeaGuard is in a class of its own when it comes to performance in fresh and salt water.  

Thickener: Calcium
Base Oil:  Biobased esters
Base Oil Viscosity:  46 cSt at 40C
NLGI Grade:  2
Texture/Colour:  Tacky/Off-White
4-Ball Weld Load:  620 kgF

This is a special-order product.  Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Manufactured in Germany by Wagner Specialty Lubricants.  400g.

This product is also available in 15 kg pails, 55 kg kegs and 180 kg drums.  Email us for prices.

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