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Lube-Shuttle® Canada

HEAVY DUTY Lube-Shuttle® Starter Kit

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Lube-Shuttle® starter kit with Mo2S Molybdenum (Moly) grease for heavy wear points like pins, bushings and extreme pressure applications.

This includes everything needed in a variety of the most common greasing scenarios for:

  • Contractors / construction equipment
  • Heavy equipment / loaders / backhoes / dozers

Standard Package Includes:

  • Lube-Shuttle® One Hand Grease Gun (Pistol Grip)
  • 20" (500 mm) High Pressure Nylon Hose, Multiple Braid, 14,450 psi/1,000 bar Burst Pressure
  • 4JAW Hydraulic Coupler
  • 2 Cartridges of AirTec® MoS2 Moly Grease

Deluxe Package Adds:

  • 90-Degree Grease Coupler
  • SafeLOCK Locking Grease Coupler
  • Grease Gun Holder

When purchased as a kit, components are priced at approximately a 10% discount from the individual retail prices.

For full product details on individual components of these kits, consult the product listing for the item.