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Lube-Shuttle® Canada

LEVER GRIP Lube-Shuttle® Starter Kit

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Grease Choice

What can we say - some people just prefer a lever grip grease gun. 

Since you need two hands to operate the gun we've added a 6" Steel Pipe Connector and the SafeLOCK locking coupler in case you need to use the hose. 

The standard kit has the AirTec® G200 EP Multi-Purpose grease but you can opt for an upgrade to Li400 Nano-Ceramic for top pressure and temperature ratings, MoS2 Moly for high pressure / heavy wear points, KH150 for Full Synthetic for high speed, wet applications, or P100 Polyurea when that type of grease is specified.  

Our most frequent buyers of lever grip grease guns are professionals who do a lot of greasing, like:

  • Construction / heavy equipment operators
  • Farmers
  • Truckers

Each Package Includes:

  • Lube-Shuttle® One Hand Grease Gun (LEVER Grip)
  • 20" (500 mm) High Pressure Nylon Hose, Multiple Braid, 14,450 psi/1,000 bar Burst Pressure with 4JAW Hydraulic Coupler
  • SafeLOCK Locking Grease Coupler
  • 6" Rigid Steel Connector Pipe with 4JAW Coupler
  • Two (2) cartridges of the grease of your choice

    When purchased as a kit, components are priced at approximately a 10% discount from the individual retail prices.

    For full product details on individual components of these kits, consult the product listing for the item.